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Email / SMS Delivery

Effective Email / SMS delivery campaigns to boost sales and customer engagement

Using bulk emails and SMS’s, can help you nurture your customer contacts today. Communication Genetics can walk you through each step of how to maximize your messaging and boost sales using personalisation and automation. We can assist you in delivering strategic, personalised customer conversations that add value to your bottom line. Statistics have shown that email and SMS automation are still the superior choice to staying close to your customers and increasing your share of wallet. Using our services, you are able to send automatic, multi-channel, customised communication on particular days & times, in response to contact behaviour and in reaction to customer status changes. All of this with no manual intervention. With more people using mobile devices, SMS and email marketing helps you to quickly reach the right audiences at the right time.

How Email / SMS Delivery works

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How we support revenue growth

By helping you to deliver your messages with a click of a button! With a mobile responsive design that enables your customers to interact with your message on any device of their choice. Communication Genetics can communicate your message securely and effectively improving customer retention and unlocking potential growth.

The benefits of Email and SMS customer communication

You can produce effective email campaigns, newsletters, notifications, promotions, and more.

Target your customer wants and needs through innovative subscriber-list management.

Create customised and interesting digital marketing campaigns that go out at just the right time.

Keep track of everything you do and have real time reporting to optimise messaging.

Send out bulk personalised, customised, computer-generated emails and SMS’s

Generate customer communications that are highly targeted and talk to each of your contacts personally.

Send personalised and automated Email and SMS