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Communication Storage & Archive

By having detailed and secure records of customer data, business can increase revenue, improve engagement and be more relevant in their customer communications. Administrative teams will also gain immediate access to essential historical data within minutes and securely from any location.

Our team can help do the following for your business

Your business needs this and your IT department will thank you!

Improved security and more availability

Communication Storage & Archive

Remove performance issues in report searches on archive documents:

The 360 Archive Master Index (AMI) will enable searches from 5 to 70 times faster. Improving staff performance.

It will take far less than hour to completed admin work and business users will have full access to critical information at their fingertips. Reports are always available for providing optimum business continuity.

Risk and Privacy compliance

Have confidence that your data has the highest Level of Encryption to secure sensitive data. The easiest way to be compliant with key regulations (PCI, HIPAA , POPIA and GDPR)


Communication Storage & Archive

Simplify user’s IT infrastructure with a seamless interface

With a user friendly and secured interface compatible with any modern browser and mobile terminals based on Google’s Angular 2 framework. We can help simplify the infrastructure by removing the need for unnecessary plugins, reports are securely accessible anywhere.

Improve overall end-user experience

Thanks to a Microsoft Outlook plug-in, Outlook users have easy and secure access to EOS reports.

Integration with existing environments with no complexity

Budget Control and IT effectiveness

Customer communication technology diagram

Improve your auditing capabilities

Access to dashboards and its auditing capability, IT departments add visibility into EOS activity while additionally Identifying both positive and negative trends.

Reduce MIPS consumptions, save costs and leverage your existing infrastructure.

Reduce the cost of output management by transferring output distribution and storage on an EOS Open System platform. Thus, saving MIPS consumption related to interactive user connection to access reports by up to 40%.

Store your documents and information securely