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Changing customer experiences in the insurance sector to build trust

Changing customer experiences in the insurance sector to build trust

The insurance sector is in constant flux and filled with mistrust and poor customer experiences. An effective Customer communication tool is essential to creating trust and increasing the share of wallet with your customers. Are you connecting with your customers to give a seamless experience, build loyalty and improve your return on investment (ROI)?

SaaS has allowed businesses of all shapes and sizes to get lean, save costs, and automate tedious day-to-day tasks. As the number of SaaS companies increase, more and more businesses are getting their needs met on the cloud – We know how to get you there.

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Move your customers' communication in the cloud to achieve:

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Read how global insurance giants, changed their bottom line with the help of Smart Communications. We’re a proud distributor of Smart Communications technology into Africa.

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How we work together to reach your targets

We facilitate an omnichannel approach with our clients, to help them communicate better with their customer. We ensure that the customer communication management strategy focuses on creating a near-seamless transition between channels by blending them and managing them from a single, unified platform. With Communication Genetics as your trusted advisors, this journey will instil trust and increase share of wallet with every customer touchpoint.

Communication Genetics can keep your business future proof. Digital transformation has resulted in new business challenges. There is increased competition with decreased customer loyalty due to the inability to scale with customers’ expectations. Team members have siloed views of customer needs and with the increase in competitive pressures the cloud solution makes the most sense to save costs, improve efficiencies and build better relationships with your customers.

Why Communications Genetics

We have a solution to help take your customers seamlessly through the customer communication lifecycle.

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We're not a large impersonal corporation that pushes out projects. Communication Genetics has communication as part of our DNA, and we become part of your business. Training your people, engaging with stakeholders and constantly being your trusted advisor in technology.

Communication Genetics was founded in 2008 and is a leading provider of customer communication management (CCM) solutions. We are a proudly South African level 1 B-BBEE company

We are a technology company at heart and partner only with best-of-breed technology partners. With more than 150 years’ experience, our people are known for their world class expertise and skills within the CCM market. We are a specialist CCM boutique company that prides ourselves with the “personal touch”, helping our customers successfully navigate their way through the complex world of CCM engagement. Our customers are never just a number to us, as is the case with many large organisations. We always provide enterprise grade, affordable and cost-effective solutions that focus on reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) and improving ROI.

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