Communication Genetics

Email encryption is easy – ask us!

Change is difficult at any time, but change is necessary to keep up with customer demands and changing legislation around data and privacy. The penalties for not moving with the times by far outweighs the change in work processes and habits. 

Our mail encryption offering gives you the choice of encryption method, either Webmail – simple log in to the system to send encrypted mail, SMIME; PGP or TRE! 

Our encryption solution can be used on multiple devices and does not require any additional software to be implemented. The true challenge comes in changing the way staff think about communicating. 

We have created a Knowledge portal and have experts on call to help guide you through the training and communication process of changing your organization to a secure environment, saving you money, building confidence with customers and meeting all the required regulatory requirements. 

Contact us to be your strategic communication and revenue generation partner! 

Email encryption is easy – ask us!