Communication Genetics

A legend in Customer Communication Management takes a bow!

Communication Genetics founded in 2008, has with Colin Branson and Stefan Schönenberger's help, been able to become a significant player in customer communication management and made a tangible difference in the industry. Thanks to their commitment and knowledge of customer communication management technology, they have assisted customer’s change the way and improve how they engaged with their end clients.

Today, Customer Communication Management has evolved and grown to work seamlessly across various platforms and devices. The leadership from Colin, was relentless and he managed to change the business to become a leading in providing customer communication management (CCM) solutions for the majority of South Africa's leading financial institutions. Today the business boasts more than 150 years of experience and has partnered with the best-of-breed global technology partners to offer local businesses a solution that suits their needs and makes a valuable contribution to ROI whilst reducing the total cost of ownership for enterprises.

With the recent announcement of Colin's retirement, Communication Genetics remains focused as a specialist CCM boutique company that offers a personal touch in a digital world. Helping our customers to navigate their way through the complex world of CCM Engagement.

Thanks to Colin's work ethic, professionalism, and in-depth knowledge, he has put Communication Genetics in a position where we can continue to bring his vision and good work to our customers providing exceptional engagement experiences that lead to a deeper customer loyalty.

We salute you Colin and will continue to deliver world class technology to a variation of industries.

A legend in Customer Communication Management takes a bow!