Communication Genetics

We can all agree, it is important to identify the key digital customer experience trends that businesses should prioritize. However, these trends may be difficult to point out as customer expectations are continuously changing, the good news is you can identify the main forces shaping the customer experience (CX). Once these forces have been highlighted, businesses can strive to establish plans and processes to meet the increasing customer expectations. Your business would not be here without your customers, understanding your customers is the most essential step to remaining successful. With your trusted advisors by your side, you can meet and anticipate their needs better.

SaaS Cloud solutions offer your business the following advantages:

  • Efficient On-Demand Communications

  • Through the use of CCM SaaS within the customer care interface, one simple click allows your customer service team to efficiently produce relevant communications that are personalized and orientated towards your corporate identity. This will ensure that all touchpoints show brand consistency and trustworthiness which inevitably improves your business's brand sentiment.

  • Flexible Interactive Communications

  • Our SaaS solutions can ensure that any staff member who communicates with your customers has full access to the cloud platform. This is advantageous as it allows the creation of targeted and highly personalized conversations in real-time through the use of freeform or pre-approved text, branding, and content. Giving your teams better control and consistency in their messaging.

  • Efficient Production of Batch Communications

  • It is essential for a business to be fully accessible to its customers in terms of being able to engage in customer communication that meets the personalisation demands of all customers. SaaS Cloud allows your team to personalise conversations based on your stored data whilst communicating on the platform of your customer's choice. The high-performance batch generation tool makes it effortless to address and assemble large volumes of content in real-time.

  • Secure Collaboration

  • If your communications require review and negotiation, this cloud solution makes it easy to trace the lifecycle of a single copy between parties securely and efficiently by providing you with full control over who has access to review, edit and approve copy. The Docbox capability maintains a full audit trail of all changes and comments allowing your business to fully control all communications.

  • Omnichannel preparation and delivery

  • An intuitive browser-based template design allows a business to automate the selection and personalize customer communications by designing a single template to be used across all output channels. This makes way for error-free communication as businesses will be able to test and troubleshoot templates across multiple channels whilst gathering data through intuitive flow.

  • Secure Cloud Storage

  • Through SaaS cloud storage customers will have control over their data and they will be able to determine how their data will be stored in terms of placement and geographic region. This is because data and documents are stored in a customer-owned AWS storage solution that offers long-term retention, compliance, and digital preservation.

    In addition, SaaS solutions may serve as an efficient tool to create successful teamwork within a business environment. Your team will significantly reduce the time and effort spent on creating personalised messages to send to customers by using our controlled template design whilst improving the overall omnichannel customer experience. The utilization of browser-based template authoring offers a user-friendly interface as well as easy access to shared content, style sets, layouts, and shared data. Each template offers multi-channel, multi-brand, multi-jurisdictional, and multi-language capabilities to reduce the time wasted on sieving through hundreds of old communication management templates.

    Our team of trust advisors believes that a “one template, many communications” approach is the perfect solution for all your customer communication management needs. Whether your business wants to move to the digital world quickly, reduce IT costs, connect to core data sources or simply save time and empower your team, SaaS solutions in the perfect tool to assist you in achieving your business goals. Contact our professional team of trusted advisors for a holistic 360-degree view of your customers through tailored customer communication solutions that perfectly suit your business needs.

Achieve brand consistency and successful teamwork using SaaS Technology