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The internet has always been a helpful tool that many businesses depend on, however, the internet isn’t always a safe space. Cyberattacks are happening more frequently than ever, causing immense damage to businesses and their clients. As a result of this, everyone is on high alert ensuring that they have the correct protocols and prevention methods in place to safeguard themselves from any cyber-related crime.

Government agencies are implementing regulations to protect the population, organisations are shuffling their priorities to guard their operations and consumers are starting to pay close attention to where their data is stored and how it is used. However, the increasing awareness of cyber risk is not necessarily negative as businesses that are run by savvy leaders could view this as a significant growth opportunity. Current research indicates that businesses best positioned to build digital trust are more likely than others to see annual growth of at least 10%.

How can businesses and individuals protect themselves?

From physical locks on hard drives to password-protected devices, there are numerous ways to protect oneself from these attacks but it’s best to have an industry expert on your side. Despite the vast measures that businesses implement to protect themselves, cybercriminals are constantly evolving their methods and finding new ways to take advantage of exposed vulnerabilities.

When it comes to businesses and organisations, a cyberattack means more than just their data being stolen it means the sensitive and confidential data of their clients are at risk too. The consequences of a cyberattack can be detrimental to any business because once a consumer has lost trust in a business they will never return and they will most likely not refer the business to anyone else, leaving business owners having to face many challenges in order to stay operational.

It is essential for businesses to prepare for any type of cybercrime by means of prevention and control. The best possible way to do this is by teaming up with your trusted advisors in communication management – Communication Genetics.

There is no doubt that privacy policies, secure data and consistent communication all play a vital part in any business customer communication strategy. Make sure that your business is equipped to send your customers messages that instil the confidence that they can trust your systems by encrypting and protecting your customers' electronic data. You can be the business that gives them that security. Our encrypted communications solutions will keep data secure over emails, file transfers and mobile devices, ensuring a secure flow of data and guarantee origin, authenticity, confidentiality, and integrity of the data in every application scenario and on the preferred customers device.

Don’t take the risk of corporate data falling into the wrong hands, speak to your trusted advisor instead -

Cyberattacks are growing—and so is the need for cybersecurity!