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Omnichannel communication is a customer engagement approach using multiple channels (i.e., print, email, social network, mobile app, voice, chat, SMS, etc.) to connect with customers and seamlessly deliver a cohesive customer communication experience.

Another way to think about omnichannel communication is that it’s a way to move your customers through the customer journey by using each channel to transition them from one stage to the next smoothly always communicating with a consistent message and increasing the frequency of a bi-directional conversation with your customer. This allows customers to switch between multiple channels, as everything is integrated for a better user experience.

A omnichannel approach to communications can be advantageous as it allows companies to offer customer engagement through various channels, such as Facebook, live chat, WhatsApp, mobile app’s and email, as opposed to only offering customer engagement through a desktop website or telephonically. Adopting this approach within your marketing, sales, and customer service strategies has multiple advantages.

  • Increased reach

No matter the time or location, a business is able to reach its customers throughout their day on the device of their choice. Using the omnichannel approach, customers won’t have the mundane task of customers searching the web to find your company’s services. Instead, you will always be one click away on any device. Customers will have ease of access to your products or services by simply sending an email, a direct message, mobile app, or making a phone call with one click.

  • Increased revenue

Having your company’s products or services broadcasted across multiple channels will not only make the process of purchasing easier for prospects but it will also create a user-friendly and effective transactional environment. An omnichannel experience also encourages customers to purchase from a company again or renew their subscription which ultimately leads to recurring revenue.

  • Improved customer satisfaction and retention

Having multiple, consistently branded, personalised secure customer communication methods to reach a company’s customer, increases the likeliness of customers trusting the brand. When customers can communicate effortlessly and make trusted purchases and decisions regardless of their preferred channel, improving their overall experience with the company you will be offering a cohesive engagement and effortless customised experience.

From the above benefits, it’s easy to see that creating an omnichannel experience for customers is critical for your business’s success. Trust the experts in customer communication management to create a cohesive and united 360-degree holistic customer experience.

Not all customers are the same, however, how you ensure that every customer receives a personalised seamless experience when engaging, is critical to a businesses’ success. Whether the customer is shopping online from their outdated desktop or exploring your social media platforms from their mobile phone, their experiences should be equally rewarding.

A company’s communicative strategy depends on the depth of the integration between the channels and business’ technology platforms. To increase revenue and ensure the success of the company, every customer experience needs to be a positive one.

Not all customers are the same (What is omnichannel communication?)