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We can all agree, it is important to identify the key digital customer experience trends that businesses should prioritize. However, these trends may be difficult to point out as customer expectations are continuously changing, the good news is you can identify the main forces shaping the customer experience (CX). Once these forces have been highlighted, businesses can strive to establish plans and processes to meet the increasing customer expectations. Your business would not be here without your customers, understanding your customers is the most essential step to remaining successful. With your trusted advisors by your side, you can meet and anticipate their needs better.

We’ve identified some major trends that are currently circulating in business environments, and we have highlighted how customer communication management technology can help you take full advantage of customer experience trends.

  1. Close the communications satisfaction Gap

  2. Communication is a key influential factor with regards to overall customer experience, it is fair to say that if a customer experiences poor communication from a business, their overall level of satisfaction will be negatively impacted. Research has shown that there is a substantial difference between how well a business thinks their customer communication management is and how their customers feel about it. This presents a great opportunity for businesses to close that gap and improve their customer engagement by means of ensuring all communication is timely, personalized, and digital-first, in doing so, businesses will ensure that customer experience builds trust and increases loyalty. To ensure that communication management meets the above mention criteria, businesses will gain by investing in a technological platform that encourages interactive, two-way communication and establishes an exceptional customer experience across various channels and devices.

  3. Focus on customer channel preferences to avoid negative implications

  4. Take advantage of the fact that customers are willing to share their experiences and preferences with regards to communication processes by taking their suggestions into account. Each customer is different and the platform that they choose to communicate on varies, therefore businesses need to ensure a greater association with customer needs and wants across all platforms. Interactive, omnichannel conversations will be advantageous with regard to the success of a business. Once you have identified how customers want to be communicated with, it may be difficult to deliver on their requests, this is where you will need the expertise of your trusted advisors. With real-world experience and the right solutions, there is no doubt that you will enhance your customer communication experience and inevitably contribute to the success of your business.

  5. Customers compare every interaction with their last best digital experience.

  6. When it comes to the digital world, the expectations of customers are greater than before. Once they have experienced great customer communication, it is inevitable that customers will use this level of satisfaction to make comparisons when interacting with other businesses. That being said, it is crucial to have an effective infrastructure in place that allows your business to compete with companies that deliver an exceptional digital experience. Unfortunately, some systems find it difficult to keep up with the ongoing change, this brings about the trend that many businesses have adapted to a SaaS solution. A multitude of enterprises use cloud-based core systems and it is anticipated that many additional businesses will be adopting this method in the future. Migrating your systems can be extremely stressful and overwhelming, but with the help of your trusted advisors, you can control the process and manage complications.

We hope that by increasing your knowledge about these digital trends and making adjustments to the communication processes within your business, you will achieve greater success for years to follow. Investing in your customer will ultimately improve the reputation of your business.

Credit: Smart Communications: New research reveals which digital customer experience trends to watch

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